More Pics of My Parents' House in Golden
Golden, Colorado: March, 2013


Side yard to the west. It gets a little swampy - we might end up putting some rocks there.

where the front gutter is leaking:

water drainage in the east side yard is ok:

Here is my investigation of the deck construction with respect to the hot tub. It comes with back yard pictures.

The black thing is a sand box with toys.

concrete pedestal for the hot tub

Checking out the garage again.

More back yard pics.

More pics of the hallway on the main floor to answer some of Mom's questions.

Pics of the window sill in the front bedroom for Mom

Kitchen floor pic for Mom



Clean carpets in the basement!

Clean carpets on the main floor!

Storage under the stairs:

Details of the laundry room for Mom. I set the measuring tape to 5 feet.

Terry guessed the water heater is about 20 years old. You might want to replace it before you put a washer and dryer in the laundry room. (more room to work. The gas lines block access to the water heater from the front)

Here's Mike's thought on a configuration for the laundry room:

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