Vegas, the Wynn, and the Ferris Wheel
Las Vegas, Nevada: March 20-21, 2014

After 11 1/2 hours of driving, we arrived in Las Vegas. Our room at the Wynn was lovely!

On the way, Mike had seen crows along our path, which reminded him of Stephen King's "The Stand" - was Flagg waiting for us?
Outside our window, we could see a large brightly lit ring. It reminded us of a star gate and/or the stand.
Mike noted "That can't be good." While out for a walk to see what the Venetian had done, I spoke with my friend, Debbie, and
surprised her by asking "So, what's with the star gate thing?....answer to be revealed shortly.

The rest of the view was great!

It's a ferris wheel! It is still under construction. Their objective is to have it be the largest in the world.
Debbie said she heard it might take an hour to go around. Sounded like an awfully long time to us.

The rest of the view was still great...

Looking down, you can see the lake by the Wynn's outdoor cafe, where they project
short artsy "dream sequences" periodically at night. One of them is two balls - like the one from
the prisoner
(time 2:58 in the video) - that meet, fall in love, and have a baby ball. It was quite strange, but certainly not the
strangest one we saw.

"Be seeing you!"

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