Visit with Mike and Renee Kurreck
Santa Barbara, California: March 23, 2014

Our next stop was Goleta to visit with a friend of mine, with whom I worked in Aurora, and his wife.
We had a wonderful time! We stayed at Mike and Renee's house, and we spent the afternoon/early evening wandering
around Santa Barbara with them. They were wonderful hosts!

Due to my quest for art to commemorate my MBA, our first stop was the art walk.
Here's palm tree row! (for Jarl)

Here's my hubby, hiding behind a palm tree:

We then took a walk along the peer...

Simple and seemingly effective business model...(sign says "Make a wish")

Here's the Court House and Clock Tower. Mike K. used to work with the guy who restored the clock to working order.

Great view from the top!

Renee took a picture of us:



View fro the Clock Tower, with chimes. AVI file, 8.7 Mb


My hubby took some panoramic pictures:

We walked around the village before heading to dinner at a lovely Mexican restaurant.
Here are some turtles for Rob Lyon: (you're welcome)

and a pretty square:

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