Mariah Jessen's College Graduation
Lincoln, Nebraska: May 17, 2014

We drove to Nebraska with Mike's parents in order to attend Mariah's graduation.

Since the graduation ceremony was later in the day, her party
was held at lunch time in the hotel:

Mike and I made the sign for the lobby:

The party was also a birthday party for Chance (Mariah's nephew):

Mike goofing around with Kiana (Mariah's niece):

Alexis and I went to the Wesleyan campus with Mariah so we could play paparazzi for the final walk ceremony.



Start of the Final Walk - Bagpipes!. AVI file, 15.2 Mb
Final Walk, Part 2. AVI file, 8.6 Mb
Final Walk, Part 3. AVI file, 1.3 Mb
Final Walk, Part 4. AVI file, 4.5 Mb
Final Walk, Part 5. AVI file, 8.4 Mb
Final Walk, Part 6 - Going through the Arch. AVI file, 2 Mb
Final Walk, Part 7 - Into the Church. AVI file, 6.5 Mb
Getting ready for graduation mass. AVI file, 9.9 Mb


Here are a few pictures from the final walk:

Getting ready for the graduation mass:

The arch and the sign next to it

Class photo!

Under the arch

Graduation ceremony

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