North Patio Project - 2015 Edition
Golden, Colorado: February 8, 2015

What an amazing day for February! It was 70 deg and sunny on Friday. I finished my work for the week at 2 pm, and, since I had been
fighting off a cold all week, decided to take a few hours of floating holiday pay and head home. I spent some time being a sun worshipper,
working on the walkway on the north side of the house. It was like spring! Birds singing, neighbors out doing stuff, and warm sunshine.
I hadn't worked on the walkway since November, and was glad to get a chance to work on it
before spring thunderstorms might wash all the sand away.

I took a break from the project on Saturday - the first landscaping of the season is always a little tough on the body. Luckily, today was another
amazing day! Here are my views from the work area:

my helper - our neighbors have an 8-week old puppy named Lilly:

making progress:

Taking a break to enjoy some sunshine (I got far enough that all the remaining work was in the shade of the house)

Mike was also outside, fussing with the mailbox, which has started wobbling badly. We'll have to figure out a permanent solution
to the problem later this spring:

From all my sun worshipping pictures, one might wonder how much I was actually working....

It's as done as it's going to get for now.

Due to breakage (both from my work and the strain on the pavers from when the sand settled too much - which is what inspired the project),
I need 4 more travertine pavers for the end. Mike also has an idea for capping the end of the patio with a
small bit of concrete. I'm looking forward to it! I've never worked with concrete before, so it will be something new.

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