Our House on the Golden Solar Tour
Golden, Colorado: October 4, 2014

We volunteered to have our house on the Golden Solar Home tour this year. It turned out to be a lot of work!
We had thought there would be someone here giving the tour, but instead, Mike was available from 9-4, with barely a
break for lunch, to give the tour to approximately 100 people who came to see our system.
Our system is a 10kW system that generates about 8 kW of energy daily, because it was on the west side of the house. Buglet installed
it with a custom mounting structure that produced an over hang along the west wall - solving one of our biggest thermal problems -
the sun heating up the brick in the summer. The wall used to be warm to the touch late into the evening, and it would radiate heat into
the house until 10 or 11 pm at night. Having the overhang has made a big difference in our cooling needs during the summer!

Here's the sign in our front yard:

Our house was on the cover of the guide (bottom right):

Here's the write-up on our house:

and here's the tired tour guide at the end of the day:
Michael Sanders

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