In Memory of Dear Braveheart: May 26, 2000 - October 22, 2014
Golden, Colorado

It's been almost a week now, but this page is so hard to write still. Sometimes, you just meet a creature who
steals your heart. We adopted Braveheart on September 30th with his two brothers, Cirrus and Muggins. He wasn't feeling well
at the time, but we had hoped it was just that he was tired of being in the shelter. We eventually learned he had pancreatic cancer.

Braveheart was a sweetheart and a gentleman - who could speak English. He knew two words - "Hello" and "No" - and he knew how to use
them in context. The first night he was with us, he surprised us about 3 am by walking into the bedroom and very clearly saying "Hello?". Mike
and I both woke from a deep sleep, convinced there was a person in our room. But there stood Braveheart. "Hello?" I echoed back. and he repeated
the word back to me.

In the weeks to come, we loved every minute with him, but he also needed a lot of medical help. Through pills and fluid packs, vet visits and me
having to feed him, Braveheart maintained his good spirits. He never stopped being purry, never stopped being sweet. Then came the morning when he
didn't want any more. "No". Cirrus ran over to give him a talking to, and Muggins stared at him in dismay and shock after my buddy refused breakfast.
I spent an hour sitting next to him on the floor crying. He came over an lay his head on my leg - until he got up and again told me "No" as he went to sit
away from me. Guess it was time to go to work. Mike texted these two pictures to me at lunch time. Braveheart was comfy on the down quilt from Eleanor in his
final hours, his belly shaved from where the vet had done the ultrasound the week before. His brothers have spent a lot of time snuggled together since we lost him.

Since the boys came into our home, I've been in touch with their pet dad, who helped raise them from when they were 2 weeks old. He said

Dear Kari and Mike,
Tears flowing freely at the loss of Braveheart. Oh, what a good boy he always had been, never a problem and always a joy. Thank you for loving him
for the short time you had together. I will always remember him and our first meeting. Harriett and I gave him the best we could and I know that you did, too.
His love surrounds us all. Thank you for telling me, dears, and we weep together.

Last updated 27Oct2014