Firepit Ponderings
Golden, Colorado: March 13, 2011

The chiminera's time has come. Well, the ash drawer is wearing out, and we're at a good point in pation construction for running a gas line and installing a firepit. Here's what our patio looks like today: (remember, this is the unfinished view. I need to pull up the stones, level the sand, and permanently place them all)

The stones are travertine (limestone) with 3 colors of flagstone highlights.

We found these folks at the Home and Garden Show: Colorado Hearth and Home.
They have two types of firepits - steel and stone veneer.

We think the steel firepits are awesome, and there is a dark one that would be a very similar color to the chimera. But we're a little worried it might provide too much contrast.

Now, I get to be a geek here and ask "Was it two cats or the same cat?" (reference to the first Matrix movie. look on the wall, had to have some fun while in Photoshop). I couldn't find a picture of the dark bronze, but you kind of get a sense of the two firepits.

Mike created a visualization that had the firepit to scale:

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