Golden, Colorado: December 21, 2006

And then there was more! The snow fell all through the night, and is still falling. Here's Mike:

the front of the house:

We're losing Mr. Snowman. Mike says we could have quite the Calvin and Hobbes scene if we could get another snowman to stand on top of the snow looking horrified. *grin*

The birds are happy that I re-cleared an area on the patio for them and put out fresh food. Note the one under the chair.

Mike also had me put food in St. Francis' bowl:

and he noted that our back yard is "losing definition". Normally, you would see the wall from the living room window:

and to the left of this picture, you can see the chiminera's chimney:

By lunchtime, the roads were cleared:

By mid-afternoon, the sun was out and the storm was gone:

and those who were worried will be happy to know that I did find the Christmas seal:

The End