Mike's 40th Birthday
Golden, Colorado: June 30, 2012

Chloe claimed her spot before the party started:

Eeyore balloon for our beloved Eeyore:

Our nieces, Maddie and Valerie, playing with my bro in the back yard:

Mike's Grandma, Mike's Dad, my Dad, Rob, Mike's Mom, and his sister Rannae:

Jarl, Shawn, Malia, Maddie, and my parents' dog, Jazz:

Christy helps Daniel and Valerie play with bubbles while Maddie dumps linden berries on Shawn's head:

Easter lilies! The Lyon family gave me these in 2011. I planted them outside and they came back!

Shawn and Malia's dog, Powder, is pretty convinced Tim is going to give him BBQ.

I made Mike a cake:

Here's a cookie with a candle for his birthday buddy, Auntie Linda:


Link to Video: 4 sec AVI file of Auntie Linda

Time for presents.

There isn't anything Mike wouldn't do for his nieces.

More presents.

Saying goodbye to Daniel

Saying goodbye to Maddie

Looking at a photo album Mike's parents brought of when he was born and as a small child.

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