First Snow
Golden, Colorado: January 4, 2004

We had our first snow of 2004 yesterday, so I went for a walk around the neighborhood to take some pictures.

Here's a view of the foothills from the park just north of our house:
Golden, Colorado

Turning around, here's a view of North Table Mountain.
North Table Mountain

The following are some pictures from the Open Space Park path that follows a gulch into Golden. The stream that runs through that Gulch eventually meets up with Clear Creek.
Castle Rock
Along the gulch
Zoom of North Table Mountain
Along the gulch  Along the gulch  Along the gulch
Along the gulch
Castle Rock and South Table Mountain
Castle Rock and South Table Mountain

This is a picture of Coors Tek, taken from 10th Street. Hopefully, in a couple of years, Mike will be able to get an internship at a place like that or NIST.
Coors Tek

This is a picture of the re-designed entrance to downtown Golden - but it still has the familiar sign! (It reads "Howdy Folks! Welcome to Golden - Where The West Lives")
Howdy Folks! Welcome to Golden

Looking the other way - north on Washington Avenue
Washington Avenue

North Table Mountain, as seen from the entrance to Highway 58
North Table Mountain

The foothills, as seen from the northern end of Washington Avenue