Halloween 2010
Golden, Colorado: October 31, 2010

The pumpkin patch:

Some of the last roses for the fall:

Mike got to use his new Mike-height counter for carving pumpkins. He found it worked really well.

The jack-o-lanterns! Guess which 2 I did and which 2 Mike did....

Chloe investigates special trick-or-treat bags for Maddie, Valerie, Will and Hannah....

and then decides she wants nothing to do with it all.

New decoration I found on sale at Safeway.

Will and Hannah come trick-or-treating. They were very cute - when I asked for a picture, they both said "cheeeeeeese".

Maddie and Valerie came trick-or-treating. Maddie was a pink unicorn and Val was a Super Girl.

Here's where Mike told Val she should be flying...

I found this hat in Target and couldn't resist. Maddie looks good as a voo doo gal.

Decorations at night

...adn the little cat who wanted to help take pictures.

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