Barn from the movie, Seabiscuit
Normandy Farm, Kentucky: August 6, 2004

The second stop on our horse farm tour was to see the barn used in the movie, Seabiscuit. The barn is unique in the number of figurines on the roof. Here's some info from Auntie Linda:

It was built in the 1930s by a man who was an American flyer in World War I as an exact replica of a French barn he hid out in when he was shot down there, and has ceramic cats, etc., running around on the roof.

In the movie Seabiscuit it was the luxurious "private barn" of the great Triple Crown winner War Admiral. (the real barn is in Maryland). The little underdog Seabiscuit had a special one-on-one race with War Admiral and beat him. (All of which is true, of course.)

The horse cemetery on the farm near the barn bears the graves of the sire and dam of Man O' War, the most famous racehorse in history other than Secretariat.

Here's a picture of Mike and Bill and one of the farm itself.