Laundry Room Remodel, Part 2
Golden, Colorado: March & April, 2006

You may remember that we started plans for remodeling the laundry room last year. We bought new closet doors, picked out a color scheme, and the whole thing was overcome by events. Here are a few pictures Mike took of the room on March 28th as we were getting started:

Here is the room in its blue state on April 2nd, by day and by night:

Mike's mom took the fichus, so Mike decided he wanted to fill that part of the room with a hamper that looked like furniture. after a bit of web searching, I found the laundry buddy at! The laundry buddy is on a swivel with four doors that open. In each one hangs a laundry bag. The whole thing was patented by Robert Gruennert of Port Charlotte, Florida. Mike ordered one online for me, and much to his surprise received a call from Mr. Gruennert. He has a niece, nicknamed Freddie, who lives in Golden and to whom he had sent a few laundry buddies for her to sell. She had a maple one leftover, which she brought over last week. Here is the box in the living room. In the background, you can see the boxes for two sets of shelves we plan to put in the laundry room closet. (What you can't see behind the laundry buddy box are the 36" and 33" kitchen cabinets from Mike's uncle and aunt. they are re-doing their kitchen, and the cabinets are sufficiently similar to ours that we can add them to the kitchen in order to gain a little more storage space. But that's another project. The point is that our living room is a little cluttered right now. *grin*)