Grand Prince Wedding
Kyoto, Japan: June 5, 2013

Let me explain these pictures before you think I'm just nosy. Previously, we saw the wedding set up in the
courtyard of the Grand Prince. They moved the setup for the sprinklers and the mowers, and then set it all back up. Coupled with the signs advertising their
wedding packages, we were starting to think the setup was a permanent fixture in the courtyard, and there wasn't really a wedding scheduled. The setup had been a
topic of intrigue all week. There were conversations among our group about how maybe it was effective advertising - people can really visualize their wedding day.
Or perhaps it served a market for people who wanted to get married really quickly but didn't want it to look like they had rushed things - just notify the front desk
and you'll be married in a jiffy! Perhaps, since they had the stuff already, it was more efficient to keep it out than to buy a separate lawn ornament collection that
someone would just have to move and store for weddings anyhow. After all, a wedding setup is very cheery to look at - especially at night with the colored lights on it.
So many possibilities...we were becoming tempted to ask the front desk to resolve what the truth was...
and then there was a wedding! The wedding party was staying just down the hall from our room, but they were very quiet.

I was the only one around when the mystery was solved, so I took some pictures - to document it for the group, and because it was a very nice ceremony. Best wishes to the happy couple!

They rang the bell and everyone in the courtyard participated in a toast.

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