Snow, Cats, and a Baby Bunny
Golden, Colorado: May 9-10, 2015

We came home from New Mexico to snow! (Well, we came home through plenty of rain and snow...)
Saturday, May 9th:

Sunday morning, there was less accumulation than we had expected, but it was enough to drive a baby bunny under the chair for shelter:

Branches were bending under the weight of the snow, but thankfully, no breakage. Here's the back yard:

and the front yard:

...but don't worry. I went out with a broom to shake off some snow and help them out.

Lilacs and ice

Who's that hiding under the chair?

"The blinds are open again?!?"
Cirrus and Muggins
Cirrus and Muggins

There's a new "rock" on the steps...

By lunch time, the spring sun had melted almost all of the snow.

Just chillin'

Cirrus wants to know what I am so busy looking at...

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