Family Trip to Loveland Pass and Breckenridge
Golden to Breckenridge and Back, Colorado: August 15, 2014

I picked my cousin, Kaitlin, an her husband, Josh up from the train (lightrail) station in
Golden. Those who know me well know my fascination with seeing what's at the top of the stairs.
(That's a large part of the story of how my dad lost me in Sweezey's department store, many years ago.)
Today was no different! I got there before the train, so I checked out the new pedestrian bridge over 6th Avenue.
Nice view of Golden from the bridge:

View of downtown Denver from the bridge

View of the train station from the bridge

Road trip! 8 people and 3 dogs headed into the mountains.Here's my brother and his dogs along Clear Creek.

Next stop - Loveland pass!

My parents, Tony and Linda Rawluk:
(It may have been 80 deg in Golden, but it was only 53 deg at the pass.)

My dad with my parents' dog, Jazz, my, my brother (Mike Rawluk), with his
dogs, Whitney and Abbie.

Uncle Leroy (Bob Rawluk) and Aunt Darcy

Uncle Leroy and his daughter, Kaitlin:

Kaitlin and Josh Brandstadter

On our way to Breckenridge, we found a beaver dam! (and a nice place to walk around)

We had lunch in Breckenridge, and then hung out in town for a while.

On the way home, my brother and I were driving on the edge of a rain storm.
Rainbows, rainbows, and more rainbows! All the way from Breckenridge to Golden.

You can barely see the double rainbow:

The ironically named Swift trucks...

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