Micki and Jason Fish's Housewarming Party
Englewood, Colorado: August 30, 2014

Jason and Micki have moved to a very cute house in Englewood. It's in a nice, quiet neighborhood
and has a good-sized lawn for Max to run around in. (Their dog seems very pleased with the lawn.) They
had a house-warming party, and one of the main events was learning the gender of their baby-to-be. Their doctor
told their friend, Rachel, the gender, and she baked a lovely gender-reveal cake. Inside, there was something
pink or blue that would tell them the news.

At the party...

The cake!



Time to Find Out!. AVI file, 38.3 Mb (2 1/2 minutes)


and near Christmas this year, they are expecting a boy!

Last updated 31Aug2014