Danielle & Josh's Wedding
Arvada, Colorado: July 17, 2004

Mike's cousin, Danielle, was married on Saturday, July 17th. We all had a great time! Here are some pictures from the reception.

Here is were they were married:

Mike's Dad, his mom, and Mike:
Terry, Grandma Kitty, Mike

Grandma Kitty, Gwenn (his mom), me , Terry, Mike and Mike:
Terry, Grandma Kitty, Mike, Gwenn, Kari

The tables and the cake:
tables for dinner
tables for dinner

Casey (ringbearer. He had previous experience from our wedding.) and Sage (flower girl):
Casey and Sage
Casey and Sage

Trish, Travis, and Mike:
Trish, Travis, and Mike

Frankie, Nancy, Dave, and Mike:
Frankie, Nancy, Dave, and Mike

Rob's Toast:
Josh, Danielle, Rob, Rannae
family and friends

Casey and Sage get cake:
Casey and Sage

Mike and Danielle:
Mike and Danielle

Josh and Danielle's first dance:
first dance
first dance