Golden, Colorado: March 31, 2013

We had a nice dinner at our house with my parents, Mike's parents, my brother, Rannae, Rob, and the girls, Grandma Kitty, and Auntie Linda. The ham ended up done an hour early, but I managed keep it warm and not overcook it! (Thanks, Mom, for the suggestion on the aluminum foil.)

Here are some pictures from the Easter egg hunt.

And they're off! Maddie and Valerie had been set to start the egg hunt from the minute they arrived. Finally, we set them free!
(There was some stupid rule from some stupid aunt about having to wait for everyone to arrive that kept them hovering in the living room before that. *grin*)

The first things they found were the stuffed lambs, which Rannae held onto so they could keep hunting.
(To be more specific, Valerie found hers, and Maddie had a look on her face like she'd been shot. So, we pointed her to where the other one was.)

Rannae, the lambs, and Grandma Kitty

Hunting in the front yard with my brother, who, with my parents, helped set up the egg hunt.

Heading to the side yard on the advice of Rob and my dad

Rannae, my mom, and Mike look on:

Maddie was struggling to keep up with her little sister this year. Here's Valerie finding a stash of eggs in the garden:

My parents, Rob and Rannae help the girls look:

Here they are at about the half-way point. There were over 100 eggs in the hunt, most filled with stickers, coins, and other neat stuff.

Chloe's hiding spot:

My dad, Auntie Linda, and Mike's mom relaxing on the patio as egg hunt chaos continues around them:

and credit for this year's first flower goes to one of these crocuses. I missed which one was first, so everyone's a winner!

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