Taking the Nozomi Train to Fukuoka
Kyoto to Hakata Station, Japan: June 7, 2013

Time to go! With the conference over, we paused for a change of clothes in the conference center, and were off to catch the train!
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Sent: Friday, June 07, 2013 7:46 PM
Subject: Pictures - Conference Week in Kyoto

Hello from Fukuoka!

We are in Fukuoka/Hakata for the weekend, and will be visiting the Kyushu University on Monday before we start heading back to Tokyo & Colorado.
We certainly miss our little fuzzerkin, and weíre sure she misses us (or at least Mike. Iím probably in trouble with Chloe for stealing her Mike away for a couple of weeks.)

The conference went very well. Mike chaired his session on Friday as well as presented his work. The announcement was also made during the closing ceremony
that the 2015 conference would be hosted in 2015 at Keystone (ski resort in the Rockies). The Colorado School of Mines will be very involved with the planning - Mikeís
advisor/now boss, Ryan, will be one of 3 main planners. (Ryan didnít win the young Scientist award, but his friend William did.)

I have attached some pictures:


First, some lunch. We weren't expecting much from station food, but Pasta More was really quite tasty! ...even if the doorway was a little small for Mike.

The train -power! More Power! Well, that should probably do it:

We're going to be spending a few days in Fukuoka
, right down the street from Hakata Station. So, it's time to remember
our lesson learned and study the characters. The characters for Hakata Station are right above the word...
I think of them as a cross with a little alien dude in a hat, followed by two swooshy A's. ok, done.

All aboard!


We loved the Coke canteen so much that we kept it.



Flying along on the bullet train. AVI file, 6.2 Mb


There's enough room for Mike to take a nap!

Entertaining myself with selfies...

We're here!

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