Grandma Buzzo's 85th Birthday
East Patchogue, New York: July, 1995

In the back row, two of my grandma's sisters, Zanni (left) and Mary (right). In the front row, she and her brother John.:

Back row, from left to right: Grandma's sister Zanni, Cousin Lizzie, her sister Mary and Mary's husband Caesar.
Front row, from left to right: Grandma's brother John, Grandma, Cousin Eddie's Girlfriend Ann

Mom, Zannie, and Mike

Grandma's cousin, Eddie, and his girlfriend, Ann

From left to right, ?, Grandma, Mom

Must've been a groaner of a story. From left to right: Mom's cousin Arnie, Aunt Zanni's son, John's wife Gert, John

From front to back: Mom, her uncle John, Aunt Gert, and Aunt Zannie's son, Joe Orlando

In Grandma's apartment: Mom, Dad, Mike and Grandma