Gunfest '99
South Park, Colorado

Mike's parents agreed to host Gunfest '99 at their trailer in South Park.

View from the trailer
View from the trailer
View from the trailer  View from the trailer

First, we started with the shooting of pistols.

Mike, Jarl, Terry

My previous experience had only been with my Dad's .22 shotgun. Mike's Dad gave me instructions on shooting a pistol.


We moved on to skeet. I also got a lesson for that, too. I think I did okay, all points considered. ;>)

Mike and his Dad

After that, it was time for some riding....

Mike  Jarl
Mike and his Dad

Towards the end of the day, we spent some time relaxing. (Jarl, Mike's Dad, Mike, and his Mom)

Jarl, Terry, Patches
Jarl, Terry, Mike, Gwenn

No one remembers what Jarl said....

Jarl and Gwenn

A storm moved in....and it brought a rainbow!