Christmas Eve at Gwenn and Terry Sanders' House
Golden, Colorado: December 24, 2014

Everything is set at Mike's parents' house for an awesome party:

Mike's dad (Terry Sanders), Mike, and Terry's mom (Grandma Kitty)

The flying Christmas pig!
flying pig
3 generations - Uncle Mark (Terry's brother), Mike's cousin Mark (Uncle Mark's son), and Troy (Mark's son)!
Mark Sanders, Troy Sanders
It's Troy!
Troy Sanders
In the back: Mark and Hailey (Troy's parents). In front: Rannae Lyon (Mike's sister), Grandma Kitty, Rob Lyon (Rannae's hubby):

Mark, Hailey, Mike, and Troy:
Mark Sanders, Hailey Moore, Troy Sanders, Michael Sanders
Mark Sanders, Hailey Moore, Troy Sanders, Michael Sanders
At the couch: Madeline Lyon (Rannae's daughter), Mike Rawluk (my brother), Princess (Mike's girlfriend), and Dale Nicholls (Mike's mom's brother).
Behind the couch, from left to right:
Grandma Kitty, Rob Lyon, Uncle Mark Sanders, Auntie Linda Sanders (Mark and Terry's sister), Rob Sanders (Mark's son), Sarah Sanders (Mark's daughter), Bella Sanders (Mark's wife)

Clara Sanders (Robert's daughter) and Valerie Lyon (Rannae's daughter)

playing with glow in the dark blocks

Clara escorted me out of the room so they could build some more.

Cookies made by Valerie, Maddie, Will, and Hannah. Rannae made the demon snowman for Mike. (top row, 3rd from the right)

Maddie and Rannae:
Madeline Lyon, Rannae Lyon (Rannae Sanders)
Maddie, Valerie, and Clara are ready for present time!

Tony Rawluk (my dad) and Auntie Linda

Who's ready?



Kicking off the festivities and singing "Happy Birthday" to Mark Sanders. AVI file, 15.2 Mb




Pan around the room, Clara and Grandma opening gifts. AVI file, 5.5 Mb




Valerie gets her first camera. AVI file, 15.8 Mb




Clara demonstrates how well her dress twirls. AVI file, 7.5 Mb


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