Another Patio Adventure!
Golden, Colorado: March 23, 2015

Saturday's adventure might have been the start of a new spring trend! When I came home today, I was very surprised to find Muggins
on the patio! He got cold feet and dove back into the living room when he saw me. But he when back out when his older brother offered a guided tour.
Here's this corner...

Muggins under the chair:

and then there's this wall...

Muggins was a little tentative about the rest of the trip:
Muggins on the patio
I taped open the double cat door to the patio to encourage them to try it. I brought Cirrus over and tried to get
him to go through it. He just sat there purring at me. Then, he went back out the patio door.
double cat door through the exterior wall
(To my surprise- and his?, Muggins did use the cat door while I was getting dinner ready. I found a little Muggy face staring
in at me from the other side of the patio door.)

"You can't make me use that door," says Cirrus.
Cirrus on the patio
and then he went back to his bird watching spot.
Cirrus on the patio
Meanwhile, Muggins realized I had the laundry room window open.

Description of the Video:
Mike and I were down the hall when we heard the unmistakable sound of an angry squirrel. So, we went to investigate. Cirrus was sitting on the sill,
looking out through the pet screen. A squirrel wanted to eat from the birdfeeder. Cirrus just looks at him. The squirrel gets all upset and moves closer,
hanging off the screen. Cirrus just looks at him. So the squirrel moves closer, chattering away and shaking his tail. Cirrus shifts - "Did you just move closer?
to me? Bring it." So the squirrel moves closer until he is even with Cirrus' head, on the other side of the screen. WHAP! A very freaked out squirrel high tailed
it across the yard. and Cirrus got an early dinner as a reward.


Cirrus and the Squirrel. Sorry it starts out a little rough - I had been planning to take a picture when I realized this was going to be video-worthy. AVI file, 3.7 Mb

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