Halloween at Federal Warranty (Mike as Alex from Clockwork Orange)
Buena Park, California: October 16, 2014

Before we moved to the San Fernando Valley, Mike worked at Federal Warranty. "Department of the Month"
is a misnomer here - it's a picture of everyone who was dressed up that day. Mike was dressed as Alex from the Clockwork Orange.
He also wore the outfit when we went to a KMFDM concert that evening. Before the show, we sat at an outdoor cafe, and Mike had his feet up
on one of the metal tables, in character pose. As people walked by they said things like "Hey, Alex". *grin*.

Many thanks go to Nan for this picture - she had it and kept it on her desk. Now, she and Mike both work at the Colorado School of Mines,
and she gave it to him.
R.C. Krofchik, Eddie Falucho, Michael Sanders, Nan, Nancy Imperial, Katie Kent

Last updated 28Nov2014