Alaska Zoo
Anchorage, Alaska: June 16, 2014

Leaving the cabin and heading to the main road. Wait - a moose!

Driving into Anchorage

At the Zoo - a memorial for an elephant

Maddie and Val with a moose:

The fox was a big attraction:

tech support:

Sleepy polar bear:

Pretty paths through the zoo:


one cat sitting

and the other....not so much

Golden Eagle:


Musk Ox:

Odd roommates - a turkey and some deer:

Great Gray Owl:



Wild baby swans! (no wonder the coyote was pacing so much)

On our way to another part of the zoo

Snow leopard

These bears caused quite a commotion because two of them were engaged in an, ummm... amorous act

The little boy next to me exclaimed "That bear is scratching his wiener!"

My deer Mike

and his cousins

shaved llamas!



lunch time!

Snow owl in the sick ward

Baby Coyote!

Lunch time for the arctic fox

Petting zoo:

Playing tourist:




Otters!. AVI file, 2 Mb


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