Christmas, 2002

Our Apartment: December 18, 2002
Phoebe enjoyed hiding behind the tree.
Christmas Tree and Phoebe Phoebe

Each year, we get an ornament with the year printed on it that somehow represents things that have happened during the past year. This year, I bought a White House Historical Society ornament at the Air Force Base. (circular ornament in the foreground, next to the white angel that my grandma made)
Christmas Tree Zoomed Christmas Tree 2002

Long Island: December 21 - 28
Here's the Christmas tree at my parents' house. (with Jazz)
Christmas Tree 2002
Christmas Tree 2002

Smoeky just made herself comfortable....

Pre-New Year's Celebration: Sunday, December 29
After Christmas, Mike and I gave ourselves a present - a wonderful evening together! We started with an early dinner at the Briarwood Inn - one of our favorite restaurants (postcard below). They serve an appetizer (shown below), an equally tempting dessert tray, with of course a great meal and some wine between them. Mike had a fish dish and I had Elk medallions. Afterward, we went to see the "Wild Lights" at the Denver Zoo. Each year, the zoo puts up animated animal Christmas lights, such as elephants showering and hopping kangaroos. The night was unseasonably warm, so it was quite nice for walking around the zoo.

The Briarwood Inn postcard
"Nestled in the foothills of Golden, Colorado, this Four-Star restaurant is adorned with the grandeur of old-world charm and the finest continental cuisine. Enjoy lunch, dinner, or Sunday brunch amidst the romantic elegance of European antiques, glass etchings, cozy booths and majestic spaces.
1630 8th Street, Golden, Colorado"

Golden, Colorado
Watching Phoebe

While Mike and I were in New York, Rannae and Rob watched Phoebe. Here she is adapting to life in his parents' basement.

Phoebe in Rannae's Room
Phoebe in Rannae's Room