Trip from Las Vegas to Colorado
May 4, 2003

Driving through Utah I took these pictures from the car while Mike was driving on I-70.
Utah as seen from I-70
Utah as seen from I-70
Utah as seen from I-70

Entering Colorado Welcome to Colorful Colorado!
Welcome to Colorful Colorado

Vail Pass

Mike and I made a very quick stop at the visitor center in Vail Pass....quick, because we were outrunning a snowstorm. (Yes, it's spring time in the Rockies, which means you may be trying to outrun an incoming snowstorm in May.) One of the reasons we had been skedaddling after reaching Grand Junction was that we knew we had to go up the hill to the famous Eisenhower Tunnel. The hill is about 6 miles long at a 4-6% grade...not too much of a challenge for the Jetta in good weather, but if we had waited until the road got slick....

Here's Mike outside the visitor center in Vail Pass.
Visitor Center in Vail Pass

Here's the view of the piles of snow from inside the Visitor Center at Vail Pass. inside the Visitor Center