Fishing and Hanging out at Stephan Lake on Father's Day
Wasilla, Alaska: June 15, 2014

Celebrating Father's Day at the lake - and introducing "Nutsy", the squirrel!
Early in the morning (~5:30 am), on my way to the outhouse, I saw the bald eagle!

The lake and loons

The cabin where Mike and I stayed, as seen from the front deck.




"The most upset squirrel with a peanut I've ever seen". AVI file, 10.5 Mb
Nutsy - Part 2. AVI file, 7.5 Mb


Val found a better way to get to the boat than walking down the stairs

Paddleboating - Rob and Maddie


Both cabins

new house across the lake:

eagle nest!

neighbor's house



Maddie's Second Fish. AVI file, 2.9 Mb
False Alarm (Sucker Fish). AVI file, 3.2 Mb
Terry's Fish. AVI file, 7 Mb



Back on land

Inside our cabin

Bald eagles hunting over the lake

Hanging out at the main cabin

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