Golden, Colorado: November 22, 2012

We went to Mike's parents' house for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with his family and my family.
lots of catching up to do! From left to right, Auntie Linda, Grandma Kitty, my brother Mike, my hubby, his sister, our nieces Maddie & Val, and my parents Linda & Tony.

Rob by the snacks

My parents and my brother's dog, Whitney

From left to right: Nancy, Travis, Mike's mom, Scott, and Dave

Why is this picture not blurry? Rannae and Val

my mom by the snacks

Val and my dad playing with blocks

my bro talking with Grandma Kitty

lots of love for Whitney

My brother brought a penguin game for the girls.

Scott,Travis, Rob and my Dad hanging out, watching football

Cute little place cards!

Oh no! The penguins got Mike.

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