Hummingbird and Friends
Golden, Colorado: August 4, 2007

We have three hummingbirds that frequent our yard. I finially got some pictures of one of them. Here, you can barely see him on the hummingbird feeder (right hand side, blends in with the tree)

Here, you can more clearly see him at the Hummingbird Mint. I bought 2 plants via mail order from High Country Gardens in New Mexico...and they just adore it! (so much so that my presence while taking pictures or filling the bird feeder is fairly irrelevant)

To be fair, I was being quiet enough that our chipmunk came right near my feet. He didn't notice me until I shifted to take his picture. I think this expression says "Wait a minute...." right before he scampered back a few feet to get a better look at what I was, from a safer distance.

Last of all, I also caught the squirrel hat.

The squirrel hat of course only occurs as he's making his way from the aspen tree to the bird seed in St. Francis' bowl: