Todd & Alex's Wedding
Malibu, California: March 1, 2000

You can see plenty of wedding pictures on their web site -

... and here are the pictures we took.

We arrived late (thanks to the great LA traffic)...but so did most other people. So, we didn't miss anything. The wedding was held at a house overlooking the ocean from one of the cliffs in Malibu. The guests were seated on the lawn, overlooking the ceremony and the ocean. Absolutely beautiful. If you want to see what it looks like in the day time, you'll have to look at Todd and Alex's web site. For whatever reason, I opted not to take any pictures until dusk.

Here's a picture of Mike entertaining the groomsmen before the reception begins:

These pictures show the house, the area in which the ceremony was held, and a garden just to the side of that lawn area.

At the reception: the band and the happy couple

Mike and I outside the reception hall