Introducing Cobalt Kohler (a.k.a. "Jimmy Ledges")
Golden, Colorado: August 2 - 3, 2014

Time for a new bathroom sink! We think the overflow drain in the old one was poorly shaped,
leading to it earning the nickname "Stinktown". (after my favorite Simpson's episode, "You Only Move Twice".)
On August 3rd, we said "So long, Stinktown!".

Mike and my dad then installed "Cobalt Kohler", brother to "Almond Kohler",
(the sink in the kitchen). Mike nicknamed Cobalt Kohler "Jimmy Ledges" (based on the product style - ledges).
Jimmy Ledges is an under mount sink, so more planning was needed.

The brackets U.S. Marble sent us were too short, so Mike constructed bracket extensions using hardware from curtain hangers.

Here comes Cobalt Kohler!

and he doesn't fit. The vanity innards need to be trimmed out.

Don't despair, Jazz!
(My parents came over with Jazz.)

Mike attacked the vanity with a router to make room for Jimmy Ledges.

Take 2.

Not quite.

Third time's the charm!

But Mike had to fix the faucet hardware still, so Jimmy came back to the living room.


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