Partially Completed Wall
Golden, Colorado: October 23, 2005

We are certainly making progress. Most of the wall is complete. We still need to work on the stairs and the planter, as well as pick up some top soil for the final 6 or 8 inches of fill behind the completed sections (where I will plant some bulbs). Here are some pictures of the wall in its current state, with Mike working on one of the lights by "the ramp". We kept the old section near the fence that ramps up to the level of the hill a an alternate to the stairs for when I am carrying heavy things up and down. Mike is installing two lights along the ramp in case we want to use it at night.

Here's a closer view of the final pattern:

This is where the stairs will go. The first two stairs will be in front of the wall, the third in the wall itself, and the last one behind it.

This is where the planters will be. The front planter is just about complete. We still have a lot of work to do on the rear planter because the blocks closest to the fence need to be re-leveled.