Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Cleveland, Ohio: August 8, 2004

On our way....

There were more guitars outside the Hall of Fame. From left to right:

There were also guitars inside the Hall of Fame. This one is called "Speedy", by Marky Ramone (featuring Eileen Destri).

From left to right:

"The Cheatar"!! Mike and I first heard about the Cheatar from a Homestar Runner cartoon called "The Cheatar" (, where Strong Bad finds The Cheat has turned himself into a giant guitar - perhaps.

From left to right:

Of course, no photography is allowed inside the Hall of Fame exhibition rooms, so we checked the camera at the door. Afterwards, Mike came out of the restroom to find me riding up and down on the escalator, primarily trying to get a good shot of the leftover display from the U2 exhibition (Zoo TV tour). I think I did pretty well, for being in motion and not being able to use a flash. ;>) Thank goodness for digital cameras. They make those sorts of experiments much much cheaper. (no film to develop)

Mike and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at night