We found Phoebe (stray) by the front gate of The Meadows, our apartment complex in Culver City, California.
She was approximately 10 years old and rather ill... but, after quite a bit of loving care, she became an adorable addition to the household and we greatly enjoy her company.

September 3: Sleeping on the balcony

Phoebe Sept 3

September 3: Sleeping on the kitchen counter

Phoebe Sept 3

September 9: Sleeping on top of the kitchen cabinets

Phoebe Sept 9

September 22: Moving out of the kitchen and into the bedroom

Phoebe Sept 22

October 11: Perched on top of Mike's drum set

Phoebe Oct 11

December 4: Sleeping on Mike's desk

Phoebe Dec 4 Phoebe Dec 4