Hiye Jinja Shrine and the Tokyo Electronics District (The Day the Camera Died)
Tokyo, Japan: May 30, 2013

Happy birthday to me! Still loving the view from our room at the Capitol Hotel.

Email was much cheaper than phone calls, so I sent a message home:  

Sent: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 5:41 PM
Subject: howdy from Tokyo

Good morning! (it is 8:30 am on May 30th here)

We are settled into Tokyo. 18 hours of traveling (approx door to door) took its toll last night, so we slept well and seem to be reasonably adjusted to the time change. Mike brought a laptop with my email accounts, so my usual address works. :>)

Our hotel is as nice as tripadvisor said it would be and it is right near the Imperial Palace. So, we are headed that way today. I'll keep in contact via email on how things are going!

kari sue


We decided to pick an easy agenda for the morning, and walked across the street to the Hiye Jinja Shrine. Love the capes on the monkeys.

I'm going to blame swellie for what happened next. In August 2012, I had an unsuccessful ankle surgery to repair a torn joint capsule (likely from taking a running leap off
the retaining wall in pursuit of Chloe, but we'll never know for sure). I had a second procedure by a different surgeon in January that worked ok, but my
ankle had lost a lot of strength. As we were taking the escalator down to the train, I stepped on a wet metal platform with my right foot, and down I went.
..as well as the camera I had been holding - the one my parents had given me for Christmas - went down with me. It was busted. (but not beyond repair! Months after we returned
to Colorado, Mike was able to get the right parts to fix it, so now our niece, Maddie, is the proud owner of that camera. It's the one she took to Alaska in 2014.)

So, it looked like I was getting a new camera for my birthday. The concierge staff at the hotel gave us directions to the Duty Free shop in the electronics district.
What a scene! Awesome and a little overwhelming at the same time. Here are some pictures we took with our cell phones.

The people at the camera shop were so nice! We picked out a Sony Cybershot camera with a water-proof face and HD video capability. Here's the first picture I took with it.

We went back to our hotel,

and hung out in the lounge while Mike looked through the users manual and we made plans for the rest of the day. I was (and still am) absolutely enthralled with the performance of the new camera.

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