Golden, Colorado: 2003

Christmas Eve at Grandma Kitty's House

We spent Christmas Eve at Mike's Grandma's house with his parents, Rannae and Rob, Uncle Mark, Aunt Bella, Robert, Mark, and Sarah. Lots of good food and lots of fun were had by all. Mike took this picture after dinner. (Hopefully, I'll be able to get prints of some of the pictures his Dad took, since I know people like to see people pictures!)

Christmas Morning at Mike's Parent's House
Mike, myself, his sister, and her husband met at Mike's parents' house at ~9 am for breakfast. Rannae and Rob brought their puppy, Dexter, who has grown quite a bit. Here's Dexter playing in the back yard:

Here are Dexter and Rannae playing with one of Dexter's Christmas presents:
Dexter and Rannae

Here's Dexter and Mike's Mom:
Dexter and Gwenn

Mike's parents' Christmas tree, surrounded by presents:
Christmas tree at Mike's parents' house

Rob, Rannae, and me goofing around on the couch while Mike plays with the flash settings on the digital camera
Rob, Rannae, and me

Christmas Dinner at Uncle Mark and Aunt Bella's House
Around 2 pm, we all re-convened for dinner at Uncle Mark (Mike's Dad's brother) and Aunt Bella's house. Mexican food was on the menu - and it was fantastic!
They have a new kitten, Charcoal or "Charcky", who was being quite wild. Here he is at the top of his cat tower.

Mike spent some time with his cousins, Mark and Robert, playing video games in the basement.

After dinner, we spent some time watching Sarah play piano. From left to right, Sarah, Bella's sister Bobbi, Bella, and Bobbi's son. Terry and Mark are in the kitchen.

Here's the other part of the room, minus Mike's mom who was sitting next to me. From left to right, Bobbi's son, Bobbi and Bella's mom, Molly, Mike's grandma (mom to Mark and Terry) who is otherwise known as Grandma Kitty, and Bobbi and Bella's Dad, Bob.

Here's a picture of Terry and Mark in the kitchen.
The brothers - Mark and Terry

I took this picture after we finished watching a movie, Ali, on Mark and Bella's new TV (the old one had started to smoke right before Christmas.) From left to right, Uncle Mark, Mike, Rannae, Rob, and Terry.

Their dog bandit, who recently lost a rear leg after being run over by a car. :>(

Their cat, Sheba, who looks very much like the cat I left in NY, Smoeky, but is more mellow:

Christmas at Our House
We spent some time decorating our house:
Our tree
Our tree

We put up some lights outside - but not as many as we would have liked. Next year, there will be more! as well as a Calvin & Hobbes theme with Mike's painting of Calvin and Hobbes sledding as well as some of the famous snowmen, assuming we figure out how we would make them. You can see our house as well as the lights from the house next door. Additions to the light collections included green "swag" with red bows and the UFO tree - which lights up the entire north half of the front yard and the laundry room with an eerie green glow.
Buck's house, our house and the UFO tree