Stephan Lake - Sunrise, Unwanted Plane, and the Angriest Squirrel in the World
Wasilla, Alaska: June 22, 2014

One of the bald eagles, hunting over the lake:

Sunrise (this is as dark as it gets all night)

In the morning, Terry decided to take himself out for a paddle around the lake:

processor error

It's Nutsy!

The unwanted plane... this plane caused quite a stir with the neighbors. He was not supposed to be doing touch and go's on the lake.



Unwanted Plane - Part 1. AVI file, 1.4 Mb
Unwanted Plane - Part 2. AVI file, 7.6 Mb
Unwanted Plane - Part 3. AVI file, 4.5 Mb


One last video of the angriest squirrel in the world
(to go with my other video of Nutsy from Father's Day).



Nutsy. AVI file, 4.6 Mb


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