Wall Lights and Phoebe
Golden, Colorado: October 1, 2005

Mike's big project for the past two weeks has been the installation of the wall lights. The lights are thinner than the concrete block we are installing them in, so we have pretty much settled on a design where he:

In these pictures, the only part of the light that you see is the black grill. They look pretty good at night. We wanted lights to keep the wall from looking like some giant black mass at night as well as to provide ambiance for a future patio.

Meanwhile, Phoebe takes advantage of the stair formation I made when I started taking the caps into the back yard. I loosely placed some on the lower of the two planters (that one is just about done) while trying to plan for bulbs. We can plant bulbs up 'til the beginning of December here, so I have a pile of them awaiting the completion of the wall. I think it would look cute to have tulips along the wall and planters in the early spring.

The blocks are still deemed quite rubbable.