Danielle & Josh's Baby Shower
Golden, Colorado: May 7, 2006

A baby shower for Danielle and Josh was hosted by a family friend in Golden. Here's Danielle and Rannae looking at Maddie, with Josh in the background:

Mike, Maddie, and Danielle:

Mike, Gwenn, and Maddie:

Uncle Dale, Gwenn, and Maddie:

Uncle Dale and Maddie:

Danielle's grandma, Shirley:

Time for presents!

Josh's Dad:

Grandma Kitty in-between Danielle's grandparents, with Josh's Dad and Rob in the foreground to the right.

Here's Danielle opening the box from Terry and Gwenn:

The photographers:

Mike and Rannae working on the twins quiz. They tied for 2nd place.