Chinese New Year at T-Wa's
Denver, Colorado: February 10, 2013

We joined Jarl, Christy, and Daniel for dinner at T-Wa's to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It was quite a celebration! There were fireworks, drums, and dancing lions! Daniel had a great time, and so did we! Dinner was delicious as always!

Here are some pictures I grabbed with my cell phone.
The yellow lion comes to get a treat from Mike. (Christy made little treats - felt fortune cookies with Hershey's hugs inside)

3 lions danced around the front part of the restaurant:

and then they went to the other parts of the restaurant...

but they came back! Daniel got to say "hi" one more time before they left.

Daniel told Mike later "Those weren't lions - they were just people in costumes." My retort was that I have a few pictures here where he didn't seem so confident of that....

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