First Week of Adventures for Cirrus, Braveheart, and Muggins
Golden, Colorado: September 22-26, 2014

It has been a week full of cuteness and adventures. The boys have really settled in!
Monday night snuggles with Braveheart:

Cirrus' turn:

Cirrus lays where he pleases: (so shy *grin*)

and Muggins came to visit Mike in the study!


TUESDAY,Sept 23:
Earlier in the day, Cirrus joined Mike on the patio - for just a little bit.
Here's Cirrus, hanging out in the living room:

Couch time with Braveheart and Muggins.

Muggins loves this spot.


Muggins is comfortable sitting in the middle of the living room,
which is a big step for him!

Braveheart really likes the blanket on the couch.

I don't have pictures, but Cirrus' big adventure was in the basement.
There's a whole other world down there! He liked the spot under the orange chair.
Cirrus and Braveheart also went out on the patio at night with me - they sniffed around
a bit, listened to the crickets, and Braveheart found the cat door that leads to the living room.
It moved when he pushed on it, that was scary, and he headed back inside.


FRIDAY, Sep26:
Much to my surprise, all 3 cats went out on the patio this morning!

Muggins wasn't there long.

Braveheart didn't understand the rush to get back inside.

I showed the cat door between the living room and patio to Cirrus. He stuck his head through,
but isn't ready to use it yet.

Here are the boys in the "cat cave" behind the couch. I had originally bought the cat bed for Muggins,
to replace the one he was so fond of in the shelter. He didn't want it. Braveheart didn't want it. By Sunday
evening, Cirrus had claimed it. Cirrus and Braveheart always sleep in this configuration.

This is Muggins' favorite spot to sleep. I guess he finds it to be very safe - all closed in and right near his brothers.

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