Retaining Wall - 2nd and 3rd Layers
Golden, Colorado: September 4, 2005

The wall design includes 4 sizes of blocks - the large 76 pounds blocks, half-sized cubes, long flat blocks, and half the long flat blocks (which requires that Mike cut the long blocks in half. He is becoming fairly well-versed in cutting concrete). The smaller blocks tend to weigh between 35 and 40 pounds each.

Mike took a few pictures of me while I was filling the blocks as proof that I worked on the wall too, since I am usually hiding behind the camera.

Here are some pictures of the current wall status:

Phoebe was pleased with the progress:

Here's a picture of what remains of the second gravel delivery. This shipment was for 6 tons, which always seems like a small pile until you start carting it into the back yard. This wall eats up gravel, so there are more shipments in our future.

Phoebe likes to climb on and rub against the blocks stored in our garage.