A Beautiful Sunset and the Electric Zoo (Part 1)
Golden, Colorado: November 28, 2014

If you open up your garage, and see a raptor holding a present, well, not to tell you your business, but I wouldn't trust 'im.



The raptor appears. AVI file, 1.3 Mb


It was a warm and lovely day (just like one I had wished for when the weather was cold and frightful), so I brought everyone down from the attic
and started putting together the electric zoo.

I was also treated to a beautiful sunset.

"Would you like a present? You just need to step a little bit closer."

The Christmas Seal! (yes, that still cracks me up)

Brother Penguins

Beware - raptors in the shadows....

I still had the camera in night mode when I tried to take a picture of Muggins....I like the effect.

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