A Tale of Cats and the Electric Zoo (Part 2)
Golden, Colorado: November 29-30, 2014

Saturday, November 29th - another beautiful day! Suellen from the Cat Care Society stopped by in the morning
to finish the post-adoption interview on the boys...and we were talking about how the weather was going to change.
Time to go finish the electric zoo! So, I set out in a lovely 64 deg late November afternoon in jeans and a t-shirt to
work on it.

I took a break to get some more tent stakes for the elephant, since I had used his allocation for the new addition.
(We get very gusty winds in Golden - sometimes up to 100 mph - so it is important to secure the decorations.)
Muggins wanted nothing to do with the disruptions:

Mike the veterinarian started working on the zebra (inside, after my many protests that it should be a quick fix that
could be done in situ with the light tester)
Michael Sanders
I went back outside to work on the elephant.

Mike was still busy with the zebra:
Michael Sanders
Cirrus was unhappy about the beeping of the light tester:

Actually, both cats were really unhappy about the light tester. A few weeks ago, we had a power outage, and both cats
freaked out - traumatized kind of freaked out. Cirrus was pacing around the bedroom yowling. Muggins was hiding behind the couch,
inconsolable. Mike had wondered if it was the beeping of the battery backup in the living room. The theory was that maybe something
had been beeping when they were trapped in the canyon after the floods (before being rescued).
At that time, we had turned off the battery backup, turned on the generator, and spent about 3 hours coaxing them back to normal behavior.
Well, the light tester beeps. It didn't take long before they had a very similar reaction. Muggins ran and hid. During dinner, I found Cirrus
doing circles on the desk in the study, yowling and yowling. I convinced both of them to join us in the living room for dinner. That was good enough
for Cirrus, who took a nap while Mike finished working on the zebra. Muggins maintained a safe observation distance.

cat toy art, just 'cause I can.

The zebra is done!

Zebra and Muggins.

And here is what the actual fix entailed....

Sunday, November 30th - the boys were all snuggled up for a nap! Before the beeping of the light tester sent them off-kilter, they had been
fussing and fighting all Saturday morning. So, we entitled this pile o' cat "Let's never fight again!"

We went to see the Rosewater movie this afternoon, after which Mike started working on the snowman...with as little use
of the light tester as possible. Muggins was cool with it.

Cirrus does not like the snow man.

Finally, the snowman and the zebra were all fixed and back outside. (and it was now 19 deg out...brrrr)

Everything was all better in Cat Town! Muggins settled in to watch the Broncos game:
Michael Sanders and Muggins
Michael Sanders and Muggins
and Cirrus has been enjoying being a lump in the bed
Cirrus under the blanket
Cirrus under the blanket

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