Christmas at Our House
Golden, Colorado: December 23, 2005

My snowman is falling, and he can't get up. Mike and I have noted that I need to place the snowman on flatter ground next year...

Today is a very windy day, so I took a couple of pictures from the neighborhood while pulling trash cans out of the street.

My mom bought this wreath for us:

My grandmother's naitivity set has a new home

Our Christmas tree:

with a close-up of this year's ornament (the cow). Going around the cow from left to right, you can see a "Noel" ornament Grandma Buzzo made, a Ukranian-styled ornament from Grandma Rawluk, the top of a tree ornament Grandma Buzzo made, a "Golden High School" ornament Mike's mom gave us (the ornaments commemorate the high school's last Christmas before it is knocked down and replaced with a new school), and our 1997 ornament from The Valley (Santa on a beach seemed appropriate for our first Christmas in California).

My parents gave us the purple hanging ornament this year, and the kokpelli ornament from the Grand Canyon previously. They are surronded by two ornaments my grandma made.

They also gave us a card holder:

The tree at night:

This year, I decided to put the multi-mode racing lights around the living room, like we used to do a decade or so ago.

Our yard at night:

With more of the UFO green glow:

Lights floating in darkness: