Thanksgiving: Rawluks in Colorado
Golden, Colorado: November 24, 2005

My parents and brother came to Colorado for Thanksgiving, making this the first Thanksgiving since 1992 where we celebrated together.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Mike's parents' house, where the newly finished extension provided plenty of room for everyone. From left to right: My bro (Mike), Mom, Uncle Mark (Terry's brother), Mike's Mom (Gwenn), Mike's Dad (Terry), Aunt Bella (Mark's wife), Grandma Kitty, and my Dad.

Here you can see some of the folks who were enjoying the new extension. From left to right: Mike's sister (Rannae), Mike, Sarah (Mark and Bella's daughter, who is now 14), and her brother Robert. My Dad and brother can be seen in the background.

To mark the occassion, a little Rawluk family photo, taken by Mike's Dad:

My brother was the first guest to stay overnight in our house. Here he is relaxing with Phoebe: