WestHills Apartment
Lakewood, Colorado

I took some cursory digital photos of our new apartment, since we have finally finished unpacking and organizing. I'm sure I'll get better pictures in the future, but I think these will at least provide a flavor of what it looks like, for those who can't come see it so easily.

The Leasing Office
WestHills Leasing Office

Our Building (with a side view of the Prius)
Our Building, with Prius

Our Apartment (top floor, with a view of Mike's Jetta)
Our Building, with Jetta

Going up to the apartment
Our balcony is the top one on the left, with the satellite dish. Straight ahead is the 24-hour laundry room. balcony

Living Room
Living Room

Living Room

Living Room

We hung up some fractal pictures Mike made. :>)
Living Room

Phoebe's Hiding Place
Phoebe under Mike's grandfather's table

Dining Room
Dining Room

Living Room
Living Room

During Christmas vacation, we shipped my mirror from Long Island to Colorado.
Kari's Mirror

Study, bookshelves
Study, computers
Study, rubber tree